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Intersit Case Study


Intersit was established in 1983 as an office furniture manufacturer, initially specialising in creating simple office furniture. Over time, the company became adept at furnishing workspaces for companies of all sizes. As they diversified their strengths, they focused on furniture engineering, design, and innovation, and today they stand at the forefront of office furnishing and workstation design in Malaysia.

With a history spanning several decades, Intersit has a wealth of expertise that has contributed to their success. Their commitment to quality and sustainability, along with a passion for shaping the modern workplace, has helped them become a leader in their industry. The company is ISO 9001 certified, and it counts household names such as Nestle, Dell, Standard Chartered, Shopee, and Loreal among its customers.



Although Intersit was a trailblazer in office furniture, they realised that their brand identity, image, culture, and personality did not reflect the modern and innovative pieces they were creating. They recognised that in today's competitive business landscape, a strong brand image is essential for differentiation, authenticity, and emotional appeal.


To address this issue, Intersit partnered with us, Alexandre Bernard Advertising, to create a new brand strategy, encompassing multiple brand elements, including brand voice, storytelling, brand identity, values, and overall vibe.


To kick off the rebranding project for Intersit, we conducted an extensive five-hour interview with their internal team to identify the core strengths and weaknesses of the business. After analysing the findings, we developed Intersit's brand principles, which are rooted in their value proposition of practicality, high quality, and modernity.


Our goal was to create a brand that would enable customers to feel and work their best. However, developing these principles was just the first step. We knew that they needed to be delivered consistently across all customer touchpoints, both online and offline, to truly make an impact.


To accomplish this, we created a robust brand identity, personality, and style guide that included detailed guidelines for colour usage, photography styles and angles, and font types. Executive design decisions included minimising the dominant use of blue in Intersit's assets and selecting high-end office environments as the primary imagery guide.


Our team was then responsible for implementing the new brand guidelines across Intersit's showroom, website, brochures, flyers, name cards, and other online and offline marketing materials. The result was a cohesive and professional brand image that aligned with Intersit's values and resonated with their target audience.


The Work

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Cement Floor

The Impact

As a result of the successful rebranding initiative, Intersit has experienced a 20% increase in customised office renovation requests, with clients expressing satisfaction with the new brand identity and reputation in the industry.


Furthermore, the enhanced brand image has attracted top talent from leading schools and industry competitors, resulting in a 20% increase in job applications and a more competitive recruitment process.


Overall, the rebranding project has been a resounding success, driving a 23% increase in annual revenue and establishing Intersit as a strong contender in the highly competitive office furniture industry.

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