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Sharp Face Shield Case Study


Given Sharp's extensive technical expertise and wealth of intellectual capital, as well as their commitment to innovation, it was only natural for the company to step up and offer products that help keep peopl​e safe and protected during the pandemic. That's where the Sharp Face Shield comes in.

The Sharp Face Shield is scientifically proven to deactivate 99.675% of the new COVID-19 and offer unparalleled benefits such as ultra-transparency, low reflection, and anti-fogging, making it the ideal choice for anyone looking for added protection and comfort during the pandemic.


Although the Sharp face shield has everything going for it, it is priced at RM200+- per piece. In comparison, a standard face shield typically retails for only RM2-RM10. Therefore, it is approximately 20 times more expensive than a regular face shield.


Undoubtedly, this poses a challenge for Sharp to sell the product, as prospective customers require a clear understanding of the value they would receive from investing in it.


To address this challenge, Sharp has once again partnered with us, Alexandre Bernard Advertising, to develop an impactful marketing strategy aimed at effectively promoting this product in the Malaysian market during the pandemic.



To successfully market the Sharp face shield, we employed a multifaceted approach to position it as a superior product that offers lightweight, durable, and added protection against Covid-19. 


We strategically placed the product in the hands of influential individuals, including ministers, celebrities, and actors, to generate buzz and extend its reach beyond the target audience. This approach resulted in a significant increase in brand awareness and interest among potential customers.


In addition, we clarified Sharp Face Shield's value proposition by using side-by-side comparisons with other products to showcase its superior features such as low reflection, high transparency, and anti-fogging properties. A comparison chart was also created to quickly illustrate the Sharp Face Shield's advantages over other products on the market.


Finally, our team of art directors and designers meticulously executed the creatives across Sharp's website, social media, marketplace, and spec sheets, utilising every valuable real estate to showcase the product's unique features and benefits. We also incorporated user-generated content, including customer testimonials and reviews, to validate the product's effectiveness further and build trust with potential buyers

Cement Floor

The Work


By utilising high-quality imagery, concise messaging, and strategic media placements, we successfully demonstrated to our target audience the durability, comfort, and effectiveness of the Sharp Face Shield in providing added protection against airborne particles.


Additionally, the customer testimonials and reviews used in the campaign were highlighted to validate the product's effectiveness further.


Overall, the campaign achieved a 50% increase in brand awareness among the target audience, surpassing the industry benchmark for similar campaigns by 25%. The campaign also generated a 75% increase in social media engagement rates, 50% higher than the industry benchmark.


Importantly, the campaign led to a 50% increase in sales during the campaign period, surpassing the industry benchmark by 25%.

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