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Rievo Case Study


Rievo is a new and exciting brand that specialises in providing high-quality and reliable motorcycle accessories to customers. Backed by a well-established motorcycle dealer with a strong reputation as one of the leading suppliers in the Klang, Malaysia market, Rievo is committed to catering to the specific needs of the Malay customer base and becoming their go-to choice for motorcycle accessories.


Despite having a name, product, and target audience in mind, Rievo recognised that it lacked a clear brand strategy, identity, personality, and positioning that would allow it to stand out in a highly competitive marketplace.


To address this, Rievo partnered with us, Alexandre Bernard Advertising, to develop its entire branding initiative, which involved conducting market research and competitor analysis to identify key differentiators and opportunities, developing a comprehensive brand strategy that aligned with the company's goals and values, creating a unique brand identity that accurately reflected their personality, among other initiatives.


Rievo Ice Silk Head Cover

To start our branding initiative, we carefully crafted Rievo's brand tone to embody style, professionalism, and passion to provide customers with more than just accessories. 


We recognised that for Rievo to succeed beyond its local borders, its identity had to resonate with customers globally while also championing individuality. Thus, we carefully selected colours that would capture the brand's essence and create a visual identity that would leave a lasting impression on consumers. The use of atomic orange, jaguar black, and quicksilver created a distinctive and eye-catching palette that perfectly reflected the brand's personality and values.

Our slogan, "Revolutionize Your Riding Experience," was chosen to complement the brand's identity, encapsulating our goal of transforming the riding experience for customers around the world.


Finally, to bring everything to life, we integrated the brand identity, messaging, and experience into every aspect of Rievo's marketing campaign. We hosted roadshows, offered creative gift packages, displayed bunting and banners, designed the website and packaging, and created custom apparel, brochures, videos, and pop-up booths, all with the aim of creating a consistent and memorable brand experience for customers.


Rievo Bike
Black Background

The Work

Rievo Campaign

The Impact

Our successful branding initiative for Rievo resulted in an increase in sales and customer satisfaction ratings. Specifically, Reivo gained a 20% increase in sales and a 15% improvement in customer satisfaction ratings after implementing the Rievo branding initiative.


The branding mnemonic points that we developed were a key factor in the success of the initiative as well. The catchy slogan and memorable visuals effectively resonated with Rievo's target audience during awareness campaigns, reinforcing Rievo's unique value proposition and connecting with customers on an emotional level.

Additionally, customers loved the attention to detail in our distinctive accessory designs, which featured high-quality materials and innovative design elements. The packaging, with its all black accentuated by bold colours and striking graphics, helped to make Rievo products stand out on store shelves. Some customers even adopted a new fashion sense to align with Rievo's renewed aesthetic.

Overall, the Rievo branding initiative has paved the way for continued growth ahead, leading to improved customer satisfaction and a more robust brand identity.

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